Conjuration Rules

Basic Rules

A conjuration you create uses these rules, unless a power description says otherwise.

• Occupies No Squares: The conjuration occupies no squares. If a conjuration occupies a space or blocks movement through its space in any way, it may be attacked. If a single melee or ranged attack deals damage to the conjuration equal to 10 + one-half your level or higher, the conjuration disappears. Otherwise, the conjuration is unaffected by the attack. If the power that created the conjuration specifies a method for destroying the conjuration, those rules superceed these.

• Unaffected by the Environment: Terrain and environmental phenomena have no effect on the conjuration. For example, a conjuration that is an icy hand functions in an inferno without penalty. The conjuration does not need to be supported by a solid surface, so it can float in the air.

• Your Defenses: Normally, a conjuration cannot be attacked or physically affected. If your conjuration can be attacked or physically affected, it uses your defenses. Unless an attack specifically targets conjurations, only the attack’s damage (not including ongoing damage) affects the conjuration.

• Attacking with a Conjuration: Normally, a conjuration cannot attack. If your conjuration can attack, you make the attack. You determine line of sight normally, but you determine line of effect from the conjuration, as if you were in its space.

• Movable Conjurations: If the power you use to create a conjuration allows you to move it, it’s a movable conjuration. At the end of your turn, the movable conjuration ends if you are not within range of at least 1 square it’s in (using the power’s range) or if you don’t have line of effect to at least 1 square it’s in. When you move a conjuration, you can’t move it through blocking terrain.

• Death Ends: If you die, the conjuration ends immediately.

• Elemental Priest Conjurations: Conjurations from the Elemental Priest theme in the Dark Sun Campaign Setting follow additional specific rules.
  1. You must always bring forth an elemental priest conjuration or conjurations in unoccupied squares in range.
  2. Elemental priest conjurations always occupy a square (and can be attacked).
  3. As a move action you can move each elemental priest conjuration 5 squares.


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