Under the Dark Sun

Sand and more sand

Sounded easy enough. Travel out into the desert find some wagon figure out who attacked it and report back. Just our luck. A band of silt runners tried to take us down as we were wandering around trying to find the caravan. Well I did my part and took the brunt of the attack. I guess they did not like my threating mean face. I can’t remeber how many hits I took but I went down hard. Luckily for me someone in my group saw me go down and somehow manged to help me put my body back together enough for me to get a second wind and head back in to combat. We took them down but several of us got it rough in the process. We took a minute to bandage up, let the blood scab up, and we headed out again.

after a bit more wandering we found the blasted caravan surrounded by some strange four legged creature. It did not take them long to see us. We hit them hard. Everyone did their part and we killed them. The group seems to be working a bit better as a group. The primitave one seems to have some strange powers helping out. During battle I thought I saw some spirit helping us. Maybe all of the talking to himself is more than it seems.



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