Under the Dark Sun

Kay # 4 Rewarded

As the ziggurat construction was being finished we drew the attention of the gladiator trainers of the arena. Lucky us. We were rewarded with more food and water but were selected to take part in the gladiator games in order to celebrate the finalized construction of king Kalek. We were told if we won we could eventually win our freedom. They split our group up and I was paired with Diana and her new half giant. Lucky me. All I knew about her abilities as a warrior is she liked to use a whip. Seriously, I have been whipped in the slave pens and I have never known a whip to kill anyone. I figured I would have to do all the work and hoped the half giant could at least throw his weight around. Turns out Diana had some magical powers that allowed her to kill the enemy, and the half giant was not useless either. So we did well against the creatures that were thrown against us. It turns out the other half of the group survived too. I did not see their battle but I heard they had to fight some savage Halfling.



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