Under the Dark Sun

Kay # 5 Escape from death

You know the expression, there is an oasis at the end of our trek. Well that was how we were feeling when things got chaotic. Turns out King kalek had some clever enemies. In the middle of the last combat of the day, The great Rikkus, some noble, and the veiled alliance converged their attacks against the king. His defenses went down and Rikkus managed to hurl a spear into the king. This triggered some nasty magic that started zapping the life force out those around us. The great defiler was doing something and we knew we needed to get out of the stadium quickly in order to survive. So we found a set of doors and started heading out with a group of slaves only to find ourselves facing a group of half giants and templars locking the gates. I guess king Kaleck was planning to use up the spectators life force for some great spell and rikkus and his banned stopped him from executing it. We were able to kill the guards and open the gates freeing ourselves from the stadium just as the magic that was killing people seem to fade.



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