Under the Dark Sun

Eidolon Conversation #1
Overheard mutterings from the strange one
Yes I saw it, ruthlessly efficient he is.


Oh reaaaally. You think I didn’t notice? Don’t pretend I’m the fool.


Nope it wasn’t the bugs or the runners. I couldn’t tell from the tracks.


Blasted magicians. I got her out. I got her out. Where was she? I got her out.


Stop staring. It’s rude. It doesn’t matter if he don’t know. They’ve seen you twice you know. You don’t have to hide. Creeeeeepy.


How to stay, how to stay, how to stay? I don’t recognize him and it don’t make no damned sense. It never used to be this hot.

Sand and more sand

Sounded easy enough. Travel out into the desert find some wagon figure out who attacked it and report back. Just our luck. A band of silt runners tried to take us down as we were wandering around trying to find the caravan. Well I did my part and took the brunt of the attack. I guess they did not like my threating mean face. I can’t remeber how many hits I took but I went down hard. Luckily for me someone in my group saw me go down and somehow manged to help me put my body back together enough for me to get a second wind and head back in to combat. We took them down but several of us got it rough in the process. We took a minute to bandage up, let the blood scab up, and we headed out again.

after a bit more wandering we found the blasted caravan surrounded by some strange four legged creature. It did not take them long to see us. We hit them hard. Everyone did their part and we killed them. The group seems to be working a bit better as a group. The primitave one seems to have some strange powers helping out. During battle I thought I saw some spirit helping us. Maybe all of the talking to himself is more than it seems.

Vrenham's Entry #2
The Uncovered Journals of Vrenham of Lorent

Huddled behind this rock, out in the damned wastes again, how could I possibly hope to recount all that has happened in the weeks gone by? I will put it simply: there was much forced labor at the foot of Kalak’s ziggurat, Kalak the now deceased sorcerer-king who held dominion over Tyr for countless ages.

I saw him fall to the gladiator’s spear from the arena floor, saw the spectral image of the Dragon rise in agony from the peak of the ziggurat, saw the golden, sorcerous tendrils snake out in some vain attempt to draw the very life out of Tyr’s populace and prolong his time on this earth.

New King Tithian, High Templar, organizer of the rebellion, freed those of us labeled “slave”, thanked those of us with a hand, though largely by chance, in the sorcerer-king’s downfall. Now Tyr is wrapped in turmoil as the nobles seal themselves away in their estates, as the once-powerful templars are hunted in the markets, as those of us without home wait listlessly for contact from old allies.

[ A sizeable chunk of text has been smeared and scratched out. ]

To pass the time, we’ve found ourselves hired on by House Wavir to track down and recover a lost caravan of some import. Along the way we encountered a rather strange one, changed by the rays of the sun, prone to conjurations primal in nature. Quite strange to behold, but quite useful, even if the man controlling them doesn’t appear to be wholly present. Then again, who am I to speak that wracks men’s minds with terrible visions and summons shadow from the earth?

It is the first day of our journey, and we’ve just put down some roving band of silt runners who sought to delay our advance. What their connection to the caravan is remains unseen. Perhaps it was simple chance. After a brief moment’s rest, which I’ve used to put these thoughts down, we must press on. The tracks of the caravan are still clear in the sand, so I have hope we will be upon it soon.

Vrenham of Lorent Midday on the 49th day of the Ascending Sun, 184th King’s Age

Kay # 5 Escape from death

You know the expression, there is an oasis at the end of our trek. Well that was how we were feeling when things got chaotic. Turns out King kalek had some clever enemies. In the middle of the last combat of the day, The great Rikkus, some noble, and the veiled alliance converged their attacks against the king. His defenses went down and Rikkus managed to hurl a spear into the king. This triggered some nasty magic that started zapping the life force out those around us. The great defiler was doing something and we knew we needed to get out of the stadium quickly in order to survive. So we found a set of doors and started heading out with a group of slaves only to find ourselves facing a group of half giants and templars locking the gates. I guess king Kaleck was planning to use up the spectators life force for some great spell and rikkus and his banned stopped him from executing it. We were able to kill the guards and open the gates freeing ourselves from the stadium just as the magic that was killing people seem to fade.

Kay # 4 Rewarded

As the ziggurat construction was being finished we drew the attention of the gladiator trainers of the arena. Lucky us. We were rewarded with more food and water but were selected to take part in the gladiator games in order to celebrate the finalized construction of king Kalek. We were told if we won we could eventually win our freedom. They split our group up and I was paired with Diana and her new half giant. Lucky me. All I knew about her abilities as a warrior is she liked to use a whip. Seriously, I have been whipped in the slave pens and I have never known a whip to kill anyone. I figured I would have to do all the work and hoped the half giant could at least throw his weight around. Turns out Diana had some magical powers that allowed her to kill the enemy, and the half giant was not useless either. So we did well against the creatures that were thrown against us. It turns out the other half of the group survived too. I did not see their battle but I heard they had to fight some savage Halfling.

Kay # 3 The Gracious King

As the ziggurat came close to finishing we were blessed by a visit from the king and two of his nobles. The gracious king decided to enslave his nobles for some transgression and used some form of ugly magic to throw them into the pits. This action triggered a release of aggression from our fellow slaves who were to worn out or angered to realize the main cause of their lot in life was the one on the other side of the fence. Holding ourselves to a higher standard we decided to protect the weak nobles and thus successful protected them. Our gracious king rewarded us by giving the nobles title to two in our group and killed those we protected. I guess he enjoyed watching the battle at least he did not kill us for our actions.

kay #2 Blood, Sweat, and Death

Slavery is a vile thing. When I was born into it through the death of my mother I knew to survive it I would have to become selfish. In a way, everyone was out for themselves. Those taskmasters were driving us for our masters in order to gain favor or money, always whipping and punishing the slaves who performed the worst. The slaves were always in competition not to be the worst to prevent becoming punished. I became one of the same eventually surviving and becoming freed. Now that I was back in it with the damn ziggurat I was determined to not just survive but help the others whom I helped become free in the desert. I

It was strange to be a part of a group. Being born for slavery I was able to pull up the slack for those who were physically weaker. At first I was unsure how long some of them would manage but discovered they had other ways of helping the group by getting extra water or developing friendships by helping other slaves defend themselves. We worked and sweat in the hot sun. We watched others die and we survived.

Kay #1 Tyr and Slavery

One of the main reasons I enjoyed working for caravans was it got me away from those damn Templars of Tyr. I was born into slavery, earned freedom, then they unjustly put me back into it. I can remember when I first met my friends. Most of them were slaves in a caravan heading from Urik to Tyr. Fortune have it, I was able to free them because the caravan was under attack and the ineffective caravan leader was unable to protect the caravan. So I gave my friends and a few others their freedom they helped save the day and the caravan leader sent us away. He was not the thankful sort. We made it back to Tyr on our own. Within the first hour or so back we came upon two cruel elves beating some half-elf. Stupidly, we decided to yell at them to stop and ended up in a street fight, and the next thing I know I am standing in the street alone as templars and their damn half-giant guards are running in the street looking to enslave everyone involved. So I put me shield up and bolt. I bashed through the croweded streets until I got far enough away from them. Much good it did. The Templars were out to get me that day. Somehow I found my new found friends and as we are talking about the narrow escape I get pushed from behind from some bastard guard of some noble house. To make matters worse I get thrown into some low life’s fruit cart and he starts shouting for money. By the time I am able to shut him up with coin another damn templar shows up and his thug half-giant guards haul me, V, and Olette away to the damn slave pens. At the time I can remember wondering why it takes years for me to get out of slavery and only a few hours to get right back in. That is what Tyr and the damn ziggaurat mean to me. The only thing worse then Slavery are Templars.

Vrenham's Entry #1
The Uncovered Journals of Vrenham of Lorent

I’ve finally found a free moment to put ink to parchment, the last time being in Urik before all this nonsense began. Of course nothing ever goes to plan.

Having arrived in Tyr this afternoon, though by a decidedly alternate path, I saw an opportunity to send a message to my associates here in the city. I am concerned, with the way things had been left between us, that a simple approach would not have been the best idea. Better to let them come and find me. They’ve done it before.

Some half-blood was getting the sand kicked out of him by a pair of elves in the market. Not an uncommon sight, to be sure, nor one to really raise your eyebrows, but it provided me a sounding board. A scattered crowd, a few shaken thugs, and the evasion of a few of Kalak’s half-giants might not be the safest nor smartest way to announce your arrival, but then again, they didn’t shove me out the Caravan Gate for being subtle. I should hate to disappoint them now. My signature is clear.

[ Various water spots mar a section of text. Much of the ink has been smeared, rendering it unreadable. ]

I do hope my antics haven’t perturbed my new-found traveling partners, though it could be said that I have never asked for what loyalty they do seem to exhibit. Nonetheless, I wish them no ill, despite my tendency up to this point to work alone. The company is a welcome change, at least for a while, and a smart man never tosses aside an extra helping hand when offered. Not here. Not in this blasted land. Though, I swear, ever since coming in contact with the lot, I’ve been hearing things, hearing voices. Either the sun is finally getting to me after all that time in the waste, or there’s more to the girl than meets my eye.

Now that we have all reassembled and the commotion has died, it’s time to discuss and debate next steps. Kay, the only one of us who wasn’t a piece of property until two days past, says he has business in Tyr as well. I feel I owe him a small debt of gratitude, repaid some during the journey, for securing my release. If I aid him with his business, I should consider the debt more than repaid. Plus, it may provide a bit of diversion while I await contact from my old allies.

Vrenham of Lorent Late afternoon on the 16th day of the Ascending Sun, 184th King’s Age

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