Under the Dark Sun

Vrenham's Entry #1

The Uncovered Journals of Vrenham of Lorent

I’ve finally found a free moment to put ink to parchment, the last time being in Urik before all this nonsense began. Of course nothing ever goes to plan.

Having arrived in Tyr this afternoon, though by a decidedly alternate path, I saw an opportunity to send a message to my associates here in the city. I am concerned, with the way things had been left between us, that a simple approach would not have been the best idea. Better to let them come and find me. They’ve done it before.

Some half-blood was getting the sand kicked out of him by a pair of elves in the market. Not an uncommon sight, to be sure, nor one to really raise your eyebrows, but it provided me a sounding board. A scattered crowd, a few shaken thugs, and the evasion of a few of Kalak’s half-giants might not be the safest nor smartest way to announce your arrival, but then again, they didn’t shove me out the Caravan Gate for being subtle. I should hate to disappoint them now. My signature is clear.

[ Various water spots mar a section of text. Much of the ink has been smeared, rendering it unreadable. ]

I do hope my antics haven’t perturbed my new-found traveling partners, though it could be said that I have never asked for what loyalty they do seem to exhibit. Nonetheless, I wish them no ill, despite my tendency up to this point to work alone. The company is a welcome change, at least for a while, and a smart man never tosses aside an extra helping hand when offered. Not here. Not in this blasted land. Though, I swear, ever since coming in contact with the lot, I’ve been hearing things, hearing voices. Either the sun is finally getting to me after all that time in the waste, or there’s more to the girl than meets my eye.

Now that we have all reassembled and the commotion has died, it’s time to discuss and debate next steps. Kay, the only one of us who wasn’t a piece of property until two days past, says he has business in Tyr as well. I feel I owe him a small debt of gratitude, repaid some during the journey, for securing my release. If I aid him with his business, I should consider the debt more than repaid. Plus, it may provide a bit of diversion while I await contact from my old allies.

Vrenham of Lorent Late afternoon on the 16th day of the Ascending Sun, 184th King’s Age



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